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Should Nicki Minaj Respond To Remy Ma

Everyone is waiting to see if Nicki Minaj is going to retaliate against Remy Ma who sent a gut wrenching diss towards her last week.Remy Ma has since come out even addressing Nicki at her last concert.Calling her out letting her know it’s not about sales its about bars and she has a lot more where that came from.

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Remy Kills Nicki Minaj In New Freestyle Diss

Female rappers Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have been throwing jabs back and forth at each other the last few months.Now Remy has taken off the gloves and went in for the kill with her latest release “Shether”.She basically insulted Nicki in every possible way from her fake butt to her brothers pending rape case.She also mentioned the fact that Nicki was not able to have sex with her ex boyfriend Meek Mill because of complications with her butt implants.The internet went crazy after hearing vicious lines from Remy like how Nicki was basically a Young money Thot who betrayed her crew after she got with Meek.She also mentioned the fact that she slept with Hot 97 program director Ebro.The insults go on and on fans of both artist are on standby waiting to see if Nicki will respond to Remy.Nicki did respond to others like Trey Songs to clear the air Remy’s accusation as well as responding with her records sales and other musical and career accomplishments.This did not sit well with some fans as they are pleading Nicki to defend her title as queen of rap with straight bars as they might say.

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You’ve all been waiting for an update about Rick Ross’s newest album so we are here to give you an official update. Ross has announced that the release date of “Rather You Than Me” will drop on March 17th under his new deal with Epic Records.

Are you ready for it?

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Dirty 1000 – 1008


If you never heard of Dirty 1000 then your in a for a pleasant surprise,his new mixtape 1008 is a must listen.The mixtape starts off with the autobiography which basically gives you insight on who Dirty 1000 is and where he comes from.He makes mention of his ex rapping partner Koly P who has recently found success with the help of Kodak Black.Listening to the project you quickly notice a few things about Dirty 1000,one he has some very good rap skills,two he has a lot to get off his chest and he’s hungry.The mixtape is filled with 22 tracks which is basically a double cd and might be one of the only knocks on the project besides the production.But that’s what tends to happen when you overload your mixtape with to many songs.

Listening to Dirty 1000 you can hear that he has everything it takes to make it big in the rap game.His style and delivery can compete with todays biggest rap stars,if link with the right producer Dirty 1000 can be a force to reckon with.One of the most popular tracks on the project is called J.Doe Letter featuring Kodak Black,the track seems to be from earlier work to artist had in the vault but still has a decent vibe to it.Koly P steps in on the Flu track along with Kodak back and you instantly start to think of a reunion of The Kolyons.A young Kodak Black reminds us all how long he’s been trying to catch a break in the rap game before he blew up from his No Flocking record.

Dirty 1000 continues on to strut his stuff on tracks like S.A.F.E and Count up both catchy and street.The delivery is one that reminds you of some of the southern greats from the 90’s like Field Mob and even bit of Goodie Mob on grown.In all the project has a lot of substance to it.We plan on following the career of Dirty 1000 as his quest for rap stardom continues.

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DJ SMOKEY Hella Bands Ft. Billy Blue & Zoey Dollaz


Dj Smokey teams up with Billy Blue and Zoey Dollaz for his new single “Hella Bands”.All three are of Haitian decent repping Miami Dade County.

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Soulja Boy Clowns Lil Yachty Over India Love


Looks like the beef is heating up between rappers Soulja boy and Lil Yachty who claims Soulja Boy is after his girl.The only problem is Soulja claims that been is friend girl forever!!!Here’s a little insight on whats going on.


Lil Yachty send a msg to Soulja boy asking him to take down a pic of him and India from his page and ofcourse Soulja refused.



Lil Yachty responded with this post via his instagram


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Kevin Gates Sentenced To Six Months In Jail


Rapper Kevin Gates was sentenced to 6 months in jail after a Polk County judge sentenced him for kicking a fan at his concert.
The judge sentenced Gates to 180 in Polk County Jail, with credit for any time served, and fines and court costs.

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Bobby Shmurda Has A Meltdown Court


Here’s the latest news on Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda who was recently had a court date in which the rapper basically had a meltdown.Bobby tried to convince the judge that he did not agree to the 7 year sentence he received for charges brought against him.The internet was buzzing about Bobby keeping real when news broke he took the plea so Rowdy Rebel his childhood friend and fellow rapper would also receive a 7 year bid instead of 12.He was seen as a hero,but now there not sure what to make of Bobby’s change of heart.

Listen to this….


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Brooklyn’s Hot New Artist Young M.A Talks Her Roots With Noisey


Young M.A teams up with Noisey to take you back to her Brooklyn roots.She also talks about how tough it is to het love from Brooklyn because of her being a female.See the full interview here and the hottest female mc in the game right now.

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Noisey caught up with New Oleans artist Young Greatness in his 7th Ward neighborhood.The 32 year old mc found success with his break thru single “Moolah” after releasing about 6 mixtapes.In this episode, Noisey meets Young Greatness’ sister and family who gave him honest opinions about his music being shaky at first. He explains why he made himself believe that everyone was against him in order to focus on his goal. Greatness has received major support from hometown where his crew relates Meek Mill and The Dreamchasers to Young Greatness and “Moolah Game.” Young Greatness tells us his goal for opening up the pipelines for artists to make it from the tough city of
NOLA in the latest episode of Noisey Raps.

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